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              Screw-machine series(18)
              Cleaning machine series(6)
              Straightening machine series(6)
              Pressure tester series(17)
              Tubings repairing equipment(26)
              Pumping rod repairing equipment(9)
              Oil-well pump repairing equipment(17)
              Other equipments(10)
              Oil Casing Auxiliary Equipment Production Line(4)

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                Huludao Bohai Petroleum Machinery Factory is a high-tech enterperise integrating scientific research ,development,production and sales.Our factory has the strong technical force with many years of manufacturing experience and practice, an area of 5000 square meters,a total floor space of 2000 square meters, 4,000,000 yuan worth of fixed assets,a full range of production equipments,complete inspection means.In 2000 we passed the ISO quality management certification ;In 2003 it was named to tracking qualification check unit by Huludao City bureau of technical supervision.In 2005 self-designed hydraulic screw-on machine and tubing cleaning machine win national patent(patent number: ZL 200520090472,7 and ZL200520090469,5).

                 Our factory mainly manufactures three series of workover tools which are special for the national major oil fields:

                1) Tubing repair equipments: QXJ-60/114-A tubing cleaning machine series; GYSJ-60/178-70 tubing tester series;XYNJ-200/15 tubing screw-on machine,XYNJ-380/35 screw-machine series;YGJB hydraulic drilling pipe-straightening machine,XYG-200 casing-straightening machine,YXGJ-150 tubing-straightening machine series.

                2)Pump rod repair equipments:YSG-200 hydraulic twin-cylinder upsetter machine, GXX-1 pump rod cleaning machine, GJ-A pump rod straightening machine, GRG-A pump rod extension test machine, PJG-90 / 2 pump rod collar screw machine, CHJ-B pump rod quenching machine tool.

                3)Pump repair equipments: QXJ-38/83 pump cleaning machine, FYJ-A valve ball muller, Vacuum testing machine,GSJ-44/83 pump pressure testing machine, YNJ-90 / 2 pump hydraulic screw machine.

                The three series are all based on the integration of the operation of hydraulic pressure,machinery,electric equipment and computer,which are higher technology and maneuverability. We have started a new round of development strategy.In the future,we will ram a good foundation, explore the unconventional development direction, go in for providing customers with high-tech products and the considerate and fast after-sales service.

                 Our factory always insists on the quality policy :"Quality first, efficiency and truth seeking, prestige first,strict management, innovate exploit , creating first-class, mutual benefit, cooperative development ".We hope that we will progress together and create future together with numerous users.


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            ADD:TuanNan Village JinJiao Street HuLuDao City
            Tel:86-429-2921196 Fax:86-429-2920328

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